HEART is a non-profit corporation with 501.c.3 charitable tax status. HEART is seeking funding from individuals, organizations and corporations who support the highest standards of equine care across all disciplines.


Immediate funding will be directed toward the corporation’s administration and improvement of all existing equipment; the acquisition of new and state-of-the-art equipment; salaries and professional training; and the expansion of services. 

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Davis-McCullough Foundation, Inc. - The Davis-McCullough Foundation and Victoria McCullough graciously donated a grant for the second Equine Ambulance which was completed in 2012.

FTI Consulting - Jeff  Schumaker, Katie Schumaker, Andrew Stamboulidos, Claire Tully, Amber Warren, Marie Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Chris Kelly, Mel Langomasino, Gordon McCoun, Josephine Nash, James Nolan, Paul Raether, Philip Richter, Dennis Rimkunas, William Robertson, Glen Senk, Scott Shaughnessy

Stephens Equestrian Designs

Lake Placid Horse Show

Hampton Classic Horse Show

Split Rock Jumping Tour

Stonehall Farm

Anna Mcwane Charitable Contribution

Audrey Love Charitable Foundation

Equus Foundation

Neuwirth Foundation

Dennis and Marsha Dammerman

Theodore Owens

Joy Slater

Susan Stratton McGinnis

Shanette Barth

Carlene Blunt

Betsy Battle

Martha W. Jolicoeur

Christopher Shoales

Ann Pembroke

Hitchcock and Lindgren

Sara and Les Bluestone

Peggy and Daniel Miller

Amanda Tesvich Brown 

HEART x Southern States Special Horse Organization Winner’s (SHOW) Program

Help support the HEART's ongoing fundraising drive by participating in the Southern States SHOW program. Send HEART the "Proof of Purchase" seals off of the back or side gussets of your feedbags (Example – Southern States Legends® and Triple Crown®) or the ORIGINAL bulk bag delivery tickets.

Please send seals or tickets to: HEART, 179 Acorn Hill Drive, Madison, VA 22727

AMBULANCE HOTLINE: (540)497-1433/1462

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