HEART Testimonials

Michael Morrissey, horse show manager at the American International, Lake Placid, Great Lakes, American Gold Cup and the National horse shows: “In the early 2000s, we started using HEART and we’ve been using them ever since. They’re a very professional organization and it’s very important for us to make sure the horse has the best care possible if there’s a problem or some type of injury. They always come out with quality, well-trained attendants and take very good care of the horses.” 

Bobbie Braun, co-owner of Split Rock Farm: “We are very pleased to continue our support of HEART and these special projects. Number one is expanding HEART's ability to reach other events so that more top equestrian events have the state-of-the-art emergency transportation services available.”

Derek Braun, co-owner of Split Rock Farm: “At Split Rock Jumping Tour, we have utilized HEART Equine Ambulance as the Official Equine Ambulatory Service since our inaugural event in 2015. We are excited to continue working with the amazing team at HEART!”

Danielle Torano, top Amateur-Owner hunter/jumper rider, on having two horses colic at Lake Placid last year: “HEART was immediately there to take our two horses to the vet clinic. They called us while they were transporting the horses to give us updates. HEART got the horses to the clinic, where they were given fluids. We caught it early enough that they were able to save both horses and we showed them later that season. It makes a big difference to know HEART is at the shows.” 

David Distler, horse show manager at Devon, USEF Talent Search and the Washington International Horse Show: “When I see HEART in action, whether it’s at a show I’m operating or a show I’m officiating, they always do a fantastic job.”

Ramiro Quintana, Argentine Grand Prix jumper: "It's been very important to have. If my horse gets injured and there was no ambulance, I'd have to ask to borrow a trailer."

Dr. Haynes Stevens, Wellington veterinarian: "As late as 10 years ago, we had to pull up canvases and euthanize horses in the ring and drag them out with a tractor. It's horrible. When horses get hurt, they want to run. Stability is what you're after. Commercial trucks aren't built for that. This provides a service that goes to the horse wherever it's injured. I think it's terrific

Susie Webb, PA National Horse Show Executive Director: “We hope that there is never a need for HEART’s services. But it is comforting to know they are here on the show grounds.”

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